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In the feature documentary “Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption,” anti-gay religious groups are brought face to face with “the gay Jesus play.” The film follows the troupe, playwright Terrence McNally and audiences across the U.S. and around the world on a 5-year journey of the passion play “Corpus Christi,” where voices of protest and support collide on one of the central issues facing the LGBT community—religion-based bias. The film pulls back the layers of protest by talking to the protestors and trying to understand their point of view, showing them the compassion and understanding that they so often lack when the tables are turned. No one protesting the play had actually seen it. It is the fear of what they do not know or understand that fuels their hate—a metaphor for their attitude around the entire question of equal rights for the LGBT community.

Challenging issues of civil rights, marriage equality and separation of church and state, this production has become a remarkable vehicle of positive change for a community struggling to find its voice.

Meanwhile, the company of actors finds itself on a journey that would forever change their lives. Many had spent their childhoods hiding their true selves for the sake of acceptance within their religious communities. In this film, the cast reveals personal stories of how this experience has not only helped them grow personally, but spiritually, healing religious wounds they have been nursing for decades. The documentary refers to the “Corpus Christi” family, and it’s true that the cast has truly bonded beyond a typical performance group because of their touching shared experiences with this production. The film has previewed at various film festivals across the country for the past few years to allow the audience a voice in the filmmaking process, reflecting the substantial role they played in the touring success of our production.

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