The Dialogue

Facilitated by 108 Productions, our town hall symposium gives voice to diverse viewpoints through local religious, community, and LGBT leaders, while exploring peaceful solutions. This dialogue explores issues affecting the community, filtered through themes addressed in the play such as bullying, marriage equality, racial discourse and civil rights. These leaders, who serve as resources and mentors, are catalysts in assuring the dialogue continues long after the Campaign leaves. The community dialogues are filmed and shared on website and social media forums to strengthen local and national outreach.

The I AM Love Awards

As part of the touring campaign, we present he I AM Love Awards in our host city, to honor notable advocates who have helped shape a positive dialogue within the diverse community. The I AM Love Awards shine a light on local individuals and organizations that use their own love and light to help the community find a clearer path of respectful dialogue and understanding in the face of diversity and fear. A local host committee is established in each city to determine the recipients of each award.

Watch Part of the Dialogue from Dubuque, IA

LGBT-affirming Faith Communities

MCC Churches

Metropolitan Community Churches are located in over 40 countries


Supports LGBT Mormons across the U.S., Canada and South Africa

Dignity USA

Supports LGBT Catholics with chapters in over 20 states

United Church of Christ (UCC)

A LGBT-friendly denomination with over 5,100 churches across the U.S.

The Episcopal Church

Fully inclusive denomination for LGBT Episcopalians