The I AM Love Campaign

The I AM Love Campaign is about creating conversations and social change to bring about true equality for all, regardless of orientation, gender, religion or race. The campaign is unique in that it helps facilitate this dialogue through artistic endeavors and educational outreach.

One of the core missions of the campaign is to help dispel religion-based bias, which seems to be at the heart of every argument for blocking full equality to LGBT individuals, in particular—this is the conversation we are trying to facilitate. This dogma then in turn alienates the LGBT community from exploring their spirituality within a faith organization, for fear of condemnation or rejection. One of the most positive outcomes of the campaign’s efforts thus far is helping the LGBT community rekindle their faith by connecting them to faith communities that are accepting and supportive of who they are.

108 Productions travels with the campaign and brings it directly into the communities that are calling out for it, or that might directly benefit from it, with a particular emphasis on regions that have issues with equality and a desire for developing an educated dialogue. Our aim is to change the story on bullying and ignite conversations within communities that will move them to a higher understanding and acceptance of diversity.

In each city, over a period of two or three days, the I AM Love Campaign presents:

    • Performances of 108 Productions’ internationally acclaimed production of Terrence McNally’s play “Corpus Christi,” which depicts Jesus as a gay man living in modern-day Texas as a metaphor for how inclusive love for all people is not only right, but possible
    • Screenings of a new documentary “Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption,” set for nationwide DVD/VOD release on October 14, which chronicles a five-year journey of the play met with both zealous protest and support on one of the central issues facing the LGBT community today—religion-based bias
    • An open-forum Townhall Diversity Dialogue with local leaders to help heal the rift between LGBT and faith communities
    • The I AM Love Awards, which honor local advocates who promote diversity and acceptance within the community
    • Cast-led workshops for local youth teaching self-empowerment skills through yoga, mediation, comedy and a talk addressing non-violent protest techniques
    The campaign is co-chaired by Terrence McNally and Tom Kirdahy.

    I am Love Logo

    Our mission is to promote the idea of love and equality for all, regardless of orientation, gender, religion or race, through artistic endeavors and educational outreach. By igniting a deeper understanding between local LGBT and faith communities, we can create social change to build a world more accepting of all.


    At its core, the message of Terrence McNally’s award-winning play is that love should be inclusive for all people, regardless of gender, orientation, race or religion.

    Love for All

    Despite the controversy surrounding the play, which portrays Jesus as a gay man in the re-telling of the Passion stories, this production has started to ignite an open dialogue among religious and community leaders to break through barriers of discrimination and hatred. Read More


    This feature film chronicles the international tour of the play over a five-year period, documenting both the protest and support shown from audiences.

    Vehicle for Change

    Eliciting strong emotions from both sides, this documentary takes an honest look at how religion-based bias of the LGBT community has affected both the cast and the community. Read More


    Our town hall symposium offers an open forum for local religious, community and LGBT leaders to discuss themes touched on in the play, including marriage equality, bullying and civil rights.

    A Voice For All

    A crucial component of the campaign, the town hall offers a tangible way for the communities to get involved and have a voice in raising awareness to bring equality to all. Read More

    History of the Play



    Original production opens Off-Broadway to intense protest and bomb threats


    Intended 8-night revival run in Los Angeles continues to sell out for months


    Celebrated show’s 10th anniversary to a sold-out run Off-Broadway


    Landed national distributorship for documentary