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Our mission is to promote the idea of love and equality for all, regardless of orientation, gender, religion or race, through artistic endeavors and educational outreach. By igniting a deeper understanding between local LGBT and faith communities, we can create social change to build a world more accepting of all.

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What the Audience is Saying

  • Emma, Scotland
    “This show was astounding. Having heard about the controversy surrounding this play, I was completely surprised to find a show that simply used the issue of sexuality to question what was the true message of the story of Jesus. I walked away moved, challenged and completely amazed. ”

    -Emma, Scotland

  • Don Christopher Morton
    “I do not have the words to tell you how deeply I was affected by what I experienced last night. You are the hope of this world, what God intended us to be. I know that sounds corny, but it gives me a little hope where there once was none. What went on that stage went far beyond just acting, that was magic.”

    -Don Christopher Morton

  • Michael, Glasgow
    “Reading the summary I was expecting a farcical comedy that mocked the story of Jesus... what I got was entirely the opposite and I will be forever grateful. Being fairly religious myself I have to say I wasn't offended in the slightest - the story highlights what the new testament is really about: hope, love, forgiveness and sacrifice! No matter how ridiculous you think a gay love affair between Jesus and Judas may be, hold your breath before seeing this. ”

    -Michael, Glasgow