An Overview of Pinup Girls Slots

The definition of “pinup girls” or “pinup models” has to be looked up online because it is an older phrase. No, really, it was just honest inquiry into an area of interest. Anyway, the name relates to photographs of stunning models that were once tacked to the wall. The term “cheesecake” came to mean a sexually explicit photograph, while the term “beefcake” was used to describe its masculine counterpart. To Wikipedia, with gratitude. Pragmatic Play’s online slot Pinup Girls examines the phenomena of pinup modeling in a gambling context. Pinups are commonly connected with the 1950s and World War II, but subcultures continue to use them today.

You either love Pinup Girls or you hate them. It’s just that simple. It’s boisterous and self-assured, and the women here clearly take the message of Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun to heart. By the way, there will be no criticism offered; if this is a topic that interests you, go for it. Alternatively, if the sight of svelte ‘babes’ engaging in ‘babe things’ makes your stomach turn, Pinup Girls is probably not for you. To be fair, you probably might have guessed what to anticipate from the name. You can also count on lots of pink, flashing lights, and a jazzy “bring it on” music, all of which will complement the pinup ladies.

If this makes sense, we may go on to choosing our bets. Pinup Girls is a type of slot machine that operates in 10-spin increments, with a potential bonus on the tenth spin. Changing the bet initiates a new round of 10 spins, however returning to earlier levels resumes play from where it left off. The wagering options start at only 20 cents per spin and go all the way up to £/€100. Pragmatic rated the range of 94.43% to 96.44% for the three accessible RTP models as “highly volatile” (5/5).

The action takes place on a game panel with 5 reels and 4 rows, and players are given 20 paylines on which to land winning combinations of 3 to 5 symbols. Payouts for five-symbol winning lines When made up of 10-A card symbols, or 5-37, the payout is 2-3x the wager.Five pairs of shoes, five bottles of perfume, or four pinup girls equals a fivefold payout. Wild symbols, which can occur on reels 2, 3, or 4, feature lips in a Rolling Stones manner. The wild card can be used in place of any other icon, scatter included.

Pinup Girls – Slot Machine Options

So, here’s how Pinup Girls actually functions. The middle three reels can all potentially trigger a multiplier. A random location in a batch of ten spins will have its multiplier increased by one for each spin. Until the tenth rotation, these values will not change. All wild symbols on the middle three reels on the tenth spin will be multiplied by the amount shown there. Any victory that includes a multiplier wild has that multiplier applied to it, and if several multiplier wilds contribute to a win, the multipliers are combined together. The multipliers are reset after the initial ten spins.

Bonus Turns

Free games of 10, 15, or 20 are rewarded for the appearance of 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols. During the bonus round, wild symbols will stick to the spot they landed in and multipliers will trigger every five spins instead of every ten. Then, on every fifth free spin, the spots highlighted by wilds become wilds themselves and take on the multiplier of the corresponding positions. Also, multipliers do not reset after every fifth free spin, so you can count on them to be there until the round is through. No more free spins will be awarded.

Finally, 100 times the wager may be spent on free spins if they are offered. Free games offer a maximum theoretical return of 96.33% and are triggered at random by 3, 4, or 5 scatters during the purchasing process.

Pinup Women: A Gambling Decision

Since it’s not often that a slot is dedicated to pinup females, Pinup females may pique some people’s interest. It might also raise some questions about the game’s visual style, which is likely to be the deciding factor in whether or not people decide to play it. Pinup Girls looks to be one of those characters that gamers would either love or hate. Maybe there are enough gamblers who appreciate the pinup aesthetic for this to take off.

Maybe not, though, as opinions on certain game elements may be just as divisive. The idea of purchasing a set of ten spins at once isn’t very frequent, but it isn’t unheard of, either. The Pinup Girls’ spin cycle is not without its ups and downs. The usual pattern for such cycles involves wilds marking spaces for the first nine spins before being added to those spots on the tenth spin. On the tenth spin of Pinup Girls, the appearance of wilds is totally at random. Absolutely none of them will land. To at least the fundamental level. If a wild card does chance to hit, it will automatically acquire the position’s multiplier.

However, the feature might reach new heights during the bonus spins. Not only do multipliers remain in effect between free spins, but the game also inserts wild symbols into previously indicated spots, which also grants them multipliers. It was thought the game may have gone to great heights, but a modest 3,000x the bet win ceiling keeps the pinups from reaching the stratosphere. Pinup Girl’s mathematical prowess is less than its cosmetic appeal.

Pinup Girls is who and what it is, and it doesn’t try to hide that. Pinup Girls has the potential to be hilarious if the audience finds glamourous, vintage women appealing. The gameplay had its advantages, but it ultimately seemed a bit constrained, which may make winning over players who weren’t as invested in the setting more of a challenge.

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